Monday, April 19, 2010

April, 2010: jn3 Current Projects, part 2

The newly designed candle holders are being prepped for some "mass" production. I need some variety to test whether the design is viable so I'm building 13 more of them with different woods. I'll be using red oak, black walnut, yellow heart, curly maple and spalted pecan in various combinations, and then the buying public will determine which ones are best. Here are the blanks for this project. Once all of them are glued up and trimmed to size I can run them all across the router table one after another.

Also, I finished the stand for the small television et al that will be placed in my mother's kitchen. It is made of red oak, finished with three coats of tung oil and three coats of satin polyurethane. It has only one shelf. The television will sit on top on one end. There will be a phone and a DirecTV box either on it or under it, and there's room for her cat, Lucy to sit on top and look out the window. The back was built in two overlapping parts with a space between so all the cords can snake out the back and not be seen.

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