Monday, February 22, 2010

A Star is Born

My son asked me to build a five pointed star for some school group he's in. It needed to be pretty big, but not so tall that he would have trouble moving it through classroom doors. We ended up with a 5' 8" star.

There was actually a mistake in the original design. Somehow I ended up with an angle of 124º on the sides of the five "kites" that join to create the star you see here. That really didn't work very well. After dry-fitting four points together the fifth one wouldn't fit. In a hurry, I sent an e-mail to my best friend, Patrick Underwood, asking him what the proper angle was. He got back to me in an equal hurry, telling me it should be 126º. I recut the pieces and, with a tiny bit of trimming, everything fit perfectly.

They will be painting this star once it gets to school, so I was done with it as soon as I finished filling and sanding it. It wouldn't do to send it to school only to hear that the kids got splinters when handling it.

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