Friday, September 26, 2008


If you buy anything priced at $15.00 or higher from
my Etsy shop by October 1 I will give you those Style 2 bookends that are on sale right now for $5.00 each.  There are two of them, so that's $10 worth of exciting bookend joy just for you!

Just convo me at Etsy when you make your purchase and I'll include the bookends with your package, no charge for the products, no charge for shipping.

I'm doing this because I want to move these bookends out of my inventory.  These are great bookends that will serve you well for decades.  They are the last two of this design and I will not be making any more of them because I changed the design slightly and I'm only making the other version now, not that there's anything at all wrong with this design.

Just buy something and let me know you want the bookends and they are yours.  First come, first served.


Alison Du Bois said...

Great special, Jay - you make such nice things! Love your blog:)

Jay Neale III said...

TOO LATE! Nobody claimed the bookends as a bonus with purchase. Somebody did, however, purchase the bookends one day after the Give-A-Way special ran out!

Take THAT!