Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Router Table: Part 5

Part five already? Wow.

Well, here's the table with most of the screws in place. I left one unscrewed for some reason. After this there were a few more screws added for stability. I don't want the top to move up and down for any reason.

Here is the top after I chamfered the edges. For those of you who are not woodworkers, "chamfer means to put a 45ยบ bevel on the edge. I do this with a router bit, but it could also be done on a table saw or with a hand plane. I chamfered three edges of the table, leaving the edge that will butt up against the table saw square.

Here's the collection of various pieces of cardboard that serve to raise the top level with the red oak edging, exactly where it should be.

Here you can see the chamfered edge better. Also, there is a coat of tung oil applied to the red oak.

And here is the top. Finished with two coats of tung oil and two coats of satin polyurethane. I sanded in between the second coat of tung oil and the first coat of poly with 220 grit sandpaper. Before applying the last coat of poly I sanded with 320 grit.

This isn't fine furniture, but it deserves to be protected. It will take some wear and tear in my shop.

Next Time: I will begin building the cabinet which will house the router to control both noise and dust collection. And I'll have a little storage in it, too.

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