Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Assembly Table: More Progress

I've managed to clear out a lot more space in my shop and I haven't even rearranged the tools yet. I built this lumber storage rack yesterday and got a lot of sheet goods stored underneath it. The rack system I had before was mostly useless. This is all to help with the secondary function of the assembly table, which is to get all the clutter out of my shop. When the drawers are finished I'll be able to store all of my tools and keep my work surfaces clear of obstructions.

I have routed the chamfer onto the edge of my new table. I'll sand it and wipe on a coat or two of polyurethane to protect it and make it a bit more slippery.

Tomorrow I'll get a little more done on this project, then put it aside and start working on a five-pointed star for my son. He needs a star that six feet tall. I'm led to believe this has something to do with school. I'm building it out of plywood, trying to keep it light enough so it can be moved around the school, and short enough so it will fit through the doors there.

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