Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here Are the Cabinets: The Drawers of the World, Revisited

So, here are the cabinets I built for my friend, Clay. They are ugly, the drawers are scarred and weren't built for the hardware he wanted me to use, but they serve their purpose well. I'm sure Clay and I could stand on the top together without overtaxing the structure.

Clay is an artist and an art teacher. I'm sure he figures this unit will only get paint all over it anyway, so why bother making it look wonderful to start? He had the drawers and the top (an old door) in his possession already, he wanted the drawers to slide smoothly no matter what they looked like... This is the perfect work center for his purposes.

Thanks to Clay Roberts for these photos.

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Creative Coquette said...

This is great! I love to see people listen to their clients needs and wants and create what works for them on their budget and in their life!