Monday, November 10, 2008

Candles for Charity

Our local junior high school is the hub for all the "Santa's Helpers" activity in this community. Our gym hosts the evening when all the gifts and supplies are passed out to the families in need. The choir sings, there are soft drinks and punch available and families go home with new coats, socks, shoes, blankets, food, and toys for the little kids. It's a nice evening.

This year there's a raffle for a gift basket at the junior high with all the proceeds going to Santa's Helpers. And I have built two small candle holders to go in the basket. My deadline for this is Friday, November 14, but it's already finished and ready to go tomorrow morning.

My wood of choice for this project was mesquite. I wanted to do something with a southwestern theme and, since I don't trick up my designs very much but leave the natural beauty of the wood intact, mesquite seemed to be the obvious choice. And I had a little less than one board foot of it in my shop.

These are small candle holders, measuring 5" x 5" and only 4" to the top of the candles. Someone will enjoy them for themselves or will give them to a friend or family member for Christmas. And the money from the raffle will help other families through another north Texas winter. 

Now I have to buy some more mesquite and build a few more of these. I think they'll sell like hot cakes, which is ironic because the hot cakes really aren't moving.

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DingsInsainity said...

I'm not the only one feeling philanthropic this week!
Those are great, difficult to find something that isn't too girly but still nice!