Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of Wine Rests and Candle Holders

The other day I was inspired to get in my shop and build as many Wine Rests as I could carve out of one piece of pine. Well, that turned out to be 15, but I decided to add another pine candle holder to the inventory whilst I had the table saw set up anyway, so I ended up with 11 new Wine Rests and one new candle holder. That is to say I will have that many as soon as I'm done shaping, gluing (candle holder only), staining and finishing them, which should be sometime around Friday afternoon.

That was a lot of fun. I had to vacuum the sawdust three times!!!

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Jay Neale III said...

Well, that didn't exactly go according to Hoyle, but the wine rests will be done tomorrow afternoon. I had a few other things pop up and I put off the finishing process until the dust had settled. I mean that literally. There was dust.

Anyway, I have 19 of these babies to sell now, which is good because we're going to have a small yard sale next month. Also, a woman has contacted me about purchasing several items to sell on another web site and I want to have plenty of stock on hand when she makes her choices.